The logo of the foundation and the international group of companies

The group of companies consist of financial, industrial investments, research and development, international consultation on large projects in various countries, security services and charity.


Private sector group of companies

Our group of companies is highly respected worldwide. The group has high financial standing - every department is financially secure, independent and has its own operations and management. Based on high standards - low profile. Our International Group of investments includes the following:

Large independent family owned private groups nowadays are very exclusive and are in limited numbers

We invest in real estate
Worldwide, private and commercial
We invest in stocks, shares and bonds
We invest in oil industry
We invest in research and development
We invest in top business enterprise
We invest in classic historic hotels
Turning old castles into hotels
We invest in security companies
We train various government departments on specialized security systems upon applications
We invest in trade and industry
We invest in advertising, media and production
We invest in exeptional new products
We invest in briliant inventions
We invest in further proper fields

Group of companies structure

The Chairman department

  • Majority shareholder in every company that is member of the group
  • Decision maker on international investments
  • Family Star foundation
  • Jupiter group PH holdings
  • International department
  • International law consultants
  • alt The logo

Top management

Group of Companies

Two CEOs
Two CFOs
General managers
Business departments
Account departments
Personnel departments
Assistant managers
Team leaders
Large number of employees
and staff
Administration, assistants, secretaries

Smaller Group of Companies


Offices Representative Associates


International security services

In some of our companies such as security industry and personnel administration, we employ managers based on:
  • 1) Stable and trustworthy background
  • 2) Verified, proper and good character
  • 3) Positive mindset

We also train security personnel for the highest standard possible for the official duties, formal & semi-formal duties and international security services. We train security personnel on request for the various countries and government departments. Our security training programs are one of the best for specialized security, team managers and security team leaders. Our unique system gives exclusive training program for the selected applicants, who proved to be good standing and honest with no criminal records willing to serve in a civilized manner.

Empoloyment process

1st step

Meeting for the interview with professionally qualified team members

2nd step

Final stage of acceptance with the top management

3rd step

Passing our training program and examination on multi subjects

Applying for job

if and when

If and when you think you are talented for a high standard, long-term proper job in the various Group of Companies, you may apply in writing below:

Exclusive training

Our unique training programs are «learning and earning» at the same time. We call it «University of life and a Way of life». From the first day of training we are paying full salary for each candidate to focus on studying. There are only few companies in the world who are willing to pay candidates/employees while they are training. Our training programs on multi subjects (194 Subjects in theory and practice for the first year) for all new candidates make it easier for them to work in our various departments’ system: national and international locations. Each section contains 10 Subjects, after which every candidate will have examination. The training programs last between 1 to 3 months depending on each individual’s abilities, skills and determination. After person qualifies, the wages will go up. We give an opportunity for those individuals to select the suitable department.


Vision / Mission / Aim

Remember two words:

Cherish and Prosper

To all our top management, team members, employees, associates, all other companies and people we deal with - we wish them these two important words which are a part of our system and training:

Cherish and Prosper